Year end soul

The last few weeks before holiday break is really awesome. Loads of work comes up one after another. There are still plenty unsettle tasks on my desk. It is being done according to the priority. At the end, I am the one who gets confused with the order from the most important to the least ones.

They come from the smallest bits to the largest event, from being a reader to being even a PM. With the announcement that the school is in the list for the New Deal, SBT and Cluster School, things are getting more complicated (or maybe I am the only person who are not well organised? huhuhu)

Before the short break at the end of the year, lets take 5. Lets take a shorter break. Take a deep breath in.. and out.. If possible put the names of Allah in each of the breath in and out.. Imagine something peaceful and then think nothing, only the name of Allah fills your heart. huhuhu

When we are at the right place at the right age, at the right moment, we can take the real break as the call from God. We should better prepare enough pack lunches for the stock as “This world is the farming field of Life hereafter”.

Even the imitation Hang Tuah takes a break. huhuhu


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