The first demonstration

Enough of the entries on flowers. Lets’ move on to a more serious matter. 😀

Last Tuesday, we had a closing ceremony for the Malaysian Independence day for my school. The team in charge had requested something different and fresh. So we had decided to do some silat demonstration. There were only two option which were to train the students in the school or invite other kids with silat basics to do the job.

As young as year 1 kid to year six students. huhu

Surely I have chosen the ones with basics. As it was a last minute request, there was nothing much could be done because a couple of them were having the UPSR examination the whole week before and I was on outstation during the weekend. We only had the proper training the night before the demonstration. Thanks to their seniors and teachers for making them who they are today. The break during the fasting month as well as the fat from the ketupat of eid does not affect them much. huhuhu

Doing the basic pukulan maut..

The demonstration has surely bring up the name of PSSPGM Kota Tinggi. Many were asking on joining the club. Perhaps, with the will of God next year might be a good time to set up a Gelanggang at my school. Cross-finger. huhuhu


1 Comment

  1. Warid Mihat said,

    October 8, 2011 at 8:40 am

    bersemangat balik bila tengok anak2 buah ko hhuhuhu…. masa untuk gaha budak2 aku atas tar huhuhuu

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