Doktor Muda Club

Found this somewhere on the net for quite some time but totally forgot to share this joyous news. My cousin, Izzah, was able to get the first place in the one of the categories in Doctor Muda Club Convention National level. We are really proud of her.

SK Tawang Bachok Kelantan telah menjadi Johan dalam Pertandingan Inovasi di Konvensyen Dr Muda di Bayan Lepas pada 6 Jul 2011… Tahniah..

Nabila, Sanim and IZZAH

Last school break we had a chance to interview her on her success. She told us that her team, with the help of the teachers have invented an air freshener with three functions! Firstly, as the air freshener. Secondly, as mosquito chaser or repeller. Thirdly, it functions as a decoration. It is really amazing to see how these primary school students were able to invent such a brilliant idea.

As the product is still new, maybe sharing the technology to the public is not a good idea. Please contact them directly if you are interested with the product. They definitely need to commercialise their product. huhuhu.

Kota Tinggi, epecially Taman Kota Jaya, the place where I live, is a blacklist area for the dengue decease. Having one air purifier that they have designed might raise the the life quality and health of the residences.

My students also went to national level but they only get the valuable experience there. huhuhu. We’ll try our best again next year, Insyaallah. huhuhu


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  1. Elly Elle said,

    November 12, 2012 at 6:36 am

    The above subjects are my students of SK Tawang, Bachok, Kelantan.. They had truly mesmerised the school, teachers, friends, both District and State Education Department.. Congatulaions on your superb achievement guys..! We are proud of you

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