Meeting The Master XV

I met Cikgu Zulkifli bin Ismail or well known as Cikgu Zul Pasir Tumbuh (Pasir Tumbuh is the place where he lives and it needs to be stated or else people might get confused with Allahyarham Cikgu Zul) when I was in the upper secondary school. He was introduced to me by my beloved teachers, Ayah Su and CIkgu Yie.

Cikgu Zul on the right.

However that was just the normal meeting as it did not have much meaning to my silat journey. My trainings were the routines where I had my silat practice at school and at Ayah Su’s gelanggang. The extra might be helping the teachers in trainings my friends at other schools.

Later, if I am not mistaken after I have sit for my SPM examination, I was promoted to have extra tuition under the guidance of Cikgu Zul. I was told to go and learn from him because he could show me something that might be different from what I have encountered before. It is actually comes under the same umbrella to what I have learned but it is seen from different point of view or approach.

I felt very lucky as I have the chance to learn something I believe very valuable from him. The learning process was like a drill where I need to intensively polish my skills and instinct. Among the first batch students who came along with me was Abe Di, Redo and Hafiz. However, it was not long before as I was called to further my study to Kedah for a while and then to KL. I only have the chance to meet him during holidays, which was far from enough.

Gayong SIC 1980. Cikgu Zul is the forth standing from the left. taken from Cikgu Zul’s facebook. huhuhu

Cikgu Zul’s philosophy in silat is to learn something practical and proven to be efficient based on the concrete evidence. Therefore he does not feel shame to ask around and meet other grandmasters asking about martial art. He learns from other silat and martial art as well and currently still learning. He would also suggest me to go here and there to seek for more to deepen the understanding about the art. To my disappointment, only a few of his suggestion can be entertain because of time consuming and my other commitment. huhuhu

The knowledge and skills that he pours are really appreciated and only God can repay them. Thanks Cikgu Zul.. huhuhu


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