Bearing Sea

It was 300 am in the morning. The open sea was so calm and dark. Everybody was sleeping. I was alone still holding the fishing rod. Using fish head as bait, the bait kept on disappearing. The fish kept on biting the bait not swallowing. Maybe the big fish was asleep. Only small fish was still around. That was bad. But like old saying, the luck will come for those who waiting. I patiently changing the bait and was about to give up. Everybody already caught something.  Sharman already got a “Kaci” weight about 5 kg. What an achievement. Small, big, more and less was not an issue, the point was everybody got something. Maybe that was hard luck for me, a newbie.

Sharman with his 5 kg "Kaci"

Suddenly, something struck my bait. The rod starts to curve. This is no jokes my friend. This is no small kembong. I screamed but nobody was there. What should I do? I am afraid the force that the fish pulled will break the line evens the rod. I didn’t even know how to use the reel properly. I am just a “bidan terjun” here. At first I sat near to my friend watching him pulling fish after fish. He went to sleep asked me to sub him.

My 3 kg "Kaci"

Thank God the Tekong was still there, fishing in front of the boat. I didn’t notice him. He gave me some useful advice how to defeat the fish. Trust the fisherman when you are in open sea. Wow. That was a very sweet victory; first fish I ever caught is 3 kg Kaci. I am no longer newbie. The Tekong congratulated me. He again went to the front. There was no body to share my achievement, even to take the picture. Who cares, I am no longer a beginner. First fish already weigh more than 3 kg. With the sign, the future seems to be brighter.

At the kitchen.


Open sea, no end nearer.

On our way to the land, I sat at the edge front of the boat, enjoying the sea. The surrounding was really peaceful; it makes you forget all things that happen on the land.

I don’t believe this. A school of dolphin kept on playing in front of the boat. To see a school of dolphin chasing and inviting you to play in open sea with your naked eyes is the best feeling ever. I never taught that there are dolphins in our sea. Dolphin is always my favorite animal. Always does, always was. Now I have the chance to see the beautiful and the friendliest creature life on open sea. I kept watching them until they disappear deep in the ocean. What will come after this? Whale maybe. I hope. The sea is weird, surprises always comes from the under.

Hafzan Lazim


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