Teachers’ story

Recently, there is an issue on unsatisfactory among teachers who do not get any benefit  from the announcement made by the Prime Minister regarding the incentives given to certain teachers in accordance to the teacher’s day. huhuhu

Although the issue was just merely conversation among some teachers and not really that serious, it might hurt a bit of their pure intention on the  fundamental question ‘Why in the first place do they become teachers?’. A tough question it is.

The funny answers that come out is that one can be a teacher if he wants to be a doctor.  A person can be a teacher if he wants to be an actor. A person can be a teacher if one want to be a priest.   A person can be a teacher if he wants to be an accountant, . Even if a person want to be a parent, he can be a teacher as well. And the list goes on and on. Hopefully the intention is good or at least getting better at times.. huhuhu

During teachers’ day as role models on the red carpet. huhuhu

The role of teacher has become a bit complicated with the interference of many stakeholders which evolve around the education institution. With the variety of expectation and challenges to the profession, it surely give chill to whoever hold the post.  huhuhu.

All I the teachers want is to have peace in mind, to enter the class and share the knowledge, skills and the experience with the students, not with the files, administration tasks and many extra combos. Unless they are really willing to do so with condition that these extra tasks should not affect the quality time that they have with the students. huhuhu

Therefore, I would really grateful if someone with powers and influence can consider taking teaching assistance, clerk or whatever we want to call it, to do the extra tasks that teachers are burdened with. Hopefully we will see the benefit of the action in the near future if it is implemented well throughout the institution. huhuhu


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  1. hafzanlazim said,

    May 20, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Selamat Hari Guru Brother. God Bless!!!!!

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