Last Minute Call

These few weeks were hectic weeks. I need to be in few places at a time. I felt a bit guilt for not being able to be with my silat friends. The teacher was away doing the umrah when suddenly they got the last minute call from the organiser that the selection for the representatives for Kota Tinggi district in MSSJ silat tournament would be held in about two weeks time.

Therefore, everything was done in a rush. The seniors rush back from their collage when they heard the news. Some even had to skip their study week in order to give assistance to their juniors. In two weeks time, every was settled and ready to go. The drill that the trainee had to undergone was hell. huhuhu

CakLempong Team SMK Saujana

No Mercy Duo from Tmn Sri Saujana

Triplet for Jurus Wajib from Air Tawar 4

Alhamdulillah, with the training they were able to give the tough fight to the opposition. Although nobody from the team was selected to the next level, which is the state level, I believe that they have learned valuable lessons during the process. There future lies the opportunity for them if  the make full use of what they have in the present and bring with them the experience that they went through in the past.  huhuhu


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