Powerful dash

So here goes my weekends early morning nap exercise.. huhuhu

pulling in the opposite directions

This is one of the routine exercises that the students need to do in these few days as they are going to represent the school in the athletic MSSD Kota Tinggi tournament next week. huhuhu

There are so many drills that can be done to increase the power of the legs. The boxing trainees would have jogging and skipping as a routine. The rugby players would pull lorry tires. For my students, sprinting with their body being pulled with the motorcycle rubber tube is one of the ways to to have a powerful dash.

For the Gayong warriors, I was told that Dato Meor would order the trainee to hop on the railway rail  in the squatting position. As for the  trainee, they would jump from the wooden block to another on the railway rail to avoid injury to their foot as the base of the rail is consists of uneven stones.

This kind of tough training has made them invincible with their powerful dash. The acrobatic moves are just basics, what’s more is their ability to move fast in whatever position they are in. One of the popular moves is the Tapak Yoi. Only with the powerful and fast dash they will be able to do the major hits to their opponent(s). Before anyone knows,  in a blink of second, they have already come back from their mission which is to give a few deadly touches to their opposition. huhuhu


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