Being A Bit Outdoor

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to learn something new. I was accidentally being invited to a 5 days course on how-to-be-a-outdoor-activity trainer. Although it was perhaps the same thing that I have been through since I was a kid, but this one is something like looking at the same thing from a new perspective. Being a participant in a camping is great, and being an organiser is better but this one is being a participant as well as organiser for a camping is fascinating.

In the course we were taught on the aspects that need to be looked at when conducting an outdoor activity. The standard operational procedure (SOP) must be referred all the time. The core activities such as spiritual routine, marching, tent n team building and others need to be instill and taught throughout the course in order to develop all rounded participants. The optional activities to instill fun such cycling, kayaking, abseiling, water confidence, first aid and survivor skills can also build positive characteristics in students if the activities are carried out accordingly.

Johor Kampung is where the bond blossoms

Abseiling at a ‘tall’ school nearby..kui3

We cycled on and off road, up and down the hill until we came close to Pulau Pinang Bridge Apentah.. huhuhu

Rain2 go away come again another day.. but still it still came to say hi, along with its friends Mr wind and Mrs wave.. huhuhu

The Oscar winning team, during the cultural night.. rin, kiew, me, aidie n miey

The knowledge, experience and skills learn are definitely priceless. I will try to apply some if not all, the knowledge that I have learn there to my school. There is so much thing that can be improved to the camping that we have organised last year. I am looking forward for the next course to further my studies in this outdoor learning activity. huhuhu

The graduated trainees along with the trainers.. huhuhu

I’ve heard that my brothers went hiking last weekend..  An entry about the event might be awesome.. huhuhu


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