A little Bai’ah II

Today we had an event where parents of year six students were invited to the school. In the event, students sit together with their parents and listened to a Motivational talk from a well known motivator UTM. Then, they were viewed the strategies that the school takes to bring excellency to the students which was presented by the Headmaster.

Later, the last but the moment for core business of the day arrived. Students were asked to read the oath where they promise to be a good children, not to repeat their past mistakes and to score in their UPSR examination based on their expected target result (ETR).

A father as a witness watched his kid reading the oath.

After reading the oath, students as well as their guardian were asked to put down their signature to the paper that contains the paper. Thus, this oath contains strong power to drive students work hard to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the parents were told to read the letter that their child wrote beforehand. The letter contained messages that perhaps the child always wanted to tell to their parents verbally, but could not. So the alternative was by writing the letter. This was the time when many tears shed. I only observed the event through the lens of my camera and I wasn’t sure of the content of the letter but I believed that it had to be the sincere and innocent notes deep from the children’s heart.

The objective of the event was successfully achieved to certain extent. A few guardians or parents could not attend to witness event. Perhaps they have the other urgent things that need to be settled. Their love to their child are still firm. Hopefully their children could take it and understand that their parents’ heart are always for them and forever with them.

p/s: What about my own bai’ah that I made again and again in my prayer? Do I really keep the promises that I make or is it just the words without any meaning to me? Oh God give me strength to do what I have uttered to you, show me the  right path and keep me on your blessed track 24/7. Amin


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