Gayong Saujana

There are two Gayong gelanggangs that can be found in Taman Sri Saujana, Kota Tinggi. One is at Sri Saujana secondary school and the other is at Taman Sri Saujana SS2. Both gelanggangs are under Cikgu Zamri’s supervision. These gelanggaangs are currently my space to practise Gayong, especially the SS2’s gelanggang.

Cikgu Zamri with his Gelanggang SS2’s kids

The gelanggang at the school consists of students from both primary and secondary school while the SS2 gelanggang consists of the residents of the area, from as small a 4-5 years old kid to adult of 40’s. The the training session is usually held separated between the school children and the adult. The adult class starts right after the session with the children ends.

after the training session

Although there are only a few adult join the training, it is fun to have them as the trainee because the methodology in training them is a bit different. The teaching part is molded into the sharing session as they have already had their own background knowledge in martial art. huhuhu.

The syllabus that is taught to the trainee is quite similar to the one that is taught by Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Zam in IPBA, KL. Therefore it is kind of the opportunity for me to learn and fill the blank holes in my schemata.


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