Meeting The Master XIV

When I was in Marjon, I joined the Marjon Jujitsu Club to experience something new, which I have told in the earlier post. Thanks to all my friends, senpai and senseis especially Sensei Christ Gregory for allowing me to share the sweetness of pain which allows me to understand martial art better.

Sensei Gregory is the one who is in charge  of teaching us in Marjon. He is also known as Sensei Picnic. Rumors mentioned that he got his nickname because he always bring his own lunch pack along with him during the training and enjoy them during the break or after the training session as if he is having a picnic. huhuhu

Sensei Gregory in the middle.

His character is as calm as jitsu moves. Although we were always having pressured by the tense training module and pushed to our limit, the way Sensei Gregory conducts us is not as an order, but more towards suggestion. “If you could do the stance like this.. “, he would say by giving a clear example instead of  “Do this and make this!”. That made us feel willing to participate and try our best.

The ‘gentle’ approach that he used towards us was clearly seen when we trained under other senseis. We really appreciate and thankful that we learn under him because other senseis were not as polite as him on the mats. Once we stepped into the dojo, its like we were standing in the whole new world. Everything became serious and tense. The aim is simple, to prepare the trainee or the real world, rather than to get a healthy life through sport.

Sensei Gregory has also shown one of the good example on how we treat our partner in the training. He has locked, pinned, thrown and even beat me. But it does not injure me, especially with the throwing. I could still remember how he did among the first Ipon move to me, and suddenly I have done a complete somersault before landing my body in front of him. I was shocked but there was no pain at all. Amazing. That is how we should act to our partner, and I not really good at it yet. huhuhu

Look what I have found in the tube! My friends and senseis. huhuhu.. I can hardly remember the movements, yet I terribly miss them. huhuhu

The clip is suitable to be watched by the beginner like me. huhu


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