Sapar- the New Castle Disease

Yesterday was among the fine days in the raining season. Perhaps the first phase of the raining season has ended. We were hanging around at my grandparents’ house, watching things around them and one of them was his chickens.

picture: Cik caught a hen (could not be retrieved from my phone)

My grandpa (Cik) rears his own flock of chickens raised with plenty of warmth and love. About 15 of them. He has the kandang made of recycle wood solid brick. Even the chickens nowadays live in bricks bungalow. Lucky them. Out of nowhere, Cik asked me whether I am graving to eat chicken. The answer is obviously a big YES.

We went through the standard procedure of getting the chicken ready. It started with catching and then slaughtering, skinning, and cutting it into parts. Thanks to Cik, Mek and MokCik. According to cik, he is doing the chicken clearance for this season. He just wanted to have about 5 chickens in his barn for the time being.

He mentioned that chicken would usually get Sapar disease (New Castle Desease) during this season. This is due to the inconsistent eating died that the chicken consume. Some ate from the drain and some were left getting hunger and cold. Thus, it makes the Sapar easy to spread. All of Mak Kioh alik ‘jatuh’s chickens has dead recently due to the disease.

They turn white when they got their new feather.

Talking about chicken, we used to have variety of chicken around. When we lived in Penang, we had colorful chicken. We kept our pocket money and saved them in order to buy them (of course sponsorship from our pama was needed).

Then, back in Kelantan, we used to have Israel, Japanese, Turkey, Serama, Eggs and the typical village chicken. All of them had different sort of behaviors. Israel chicken is known for its aggressiveness. They like to be very violent to other creatures and even to their masters. Only knife on their neck can threat their behavior. Japanese chicken acts as normal chicken except that they are phisically bold on their neck and parts of their head.

The next one is the turkey. Their size is the biggest and has the loudest voice. They appear to be very protective to their group. They might chase if you show your phathetickness to them. The Serama is the most expensive of all. Their price would even be more expensive than a deer (read produa kancil). As we were just breeding them for fun, they were not well train and not fit for competition. huhuhu.

The last one was the usual village chicken. Today, there is no longer chicken around the house as none of my siblings are at home to take care of them. huhuhu


1 Comment

  1. Hafzan Lazim said,

    December 9, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Awesome post!!! It brings back to me some old memories.

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