Ustaz Ambo Nih

I met a teacher of mine who has taught me in the KAFA (religious and fardu ain) class when I was in primary school (standard 3 if I am not mistaken). He is one of the great teachers that I have as I always remember him when we talked about fardu ain class that we used to have.

It was in my friends’ wedding ceremony earlier this year when I met him. He looks the same as when I was still wearing my baby tooth about 15 years ago. Except, he has lost a few of his permanent tooth. huhuhu

It was an enlightenment to have a chat with his. His joke is a high quality joke which is difficult to find nowadays, and of course comes with moral values. His words are full with wisdom.

One of the things that I could recall is that when he recited an Arabic poem mentioning something about weeds taking opportunity over fertiliser given to a tree that a garderner grows, which is ok for the survival of the weeds itself but it should not be applied in our daily life.

My jaw dropped as I have not heard such balaghah for a long time. I really miss those days when we used to talk about those think. Tease each other with careful choice  of words. huhuhu

May Allah give strength to him to teach and share his knowledge to others.


1 Comment

  1. shams said,

    March 17, 2011 at 1:01 am

    alfatihah.. beliau meninggal tahun lepas.

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