Meeting The Master XII

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet the Pusaka Gayong Selangor chief. Although it was a hectic weekend, I had to really make time for this as it does not come twice. He came to Kota Tinggi for mandi tapak (the member taking ceremony) and a short intensive course for the school students. Although I am already an adult, I was still able to  squeeze in and taste his grip a bit.

Cikgu Md Rasip, during the closing ceremony with VIPs

The person is Cikgu Md Rasip bin Abd Wahab. He was first a Gayong Malaysia teacher and then he joins the Pusaka Gayong in early 90’s. He reorganise the Pusaka Gayong syllabus especially for the Selangor and Johor states to suit the needs of the members. According to him, living in such a very competitive area (Selangor) where many other martial art organisations including many silat schools are comparing the syllabus, there is a need to reorganise the syllabus. Or the others will be laughing at the silat that he teaches.

This is due to some inconsistency in the movements that students need to do before they learn the basic skills which is in line with the movements. For instance, a student with white belt needs to do a deadlock that requires him to do some movements that are only taught for green belt students (if you know what I mean). Therefore he believes that he needs to do something about it. He is the person who analyses and rationalises things that he learns, not just accepting everything without thinking about them.

He would consult his teacher, Pak Andak Majid to reorganise the syllabus and get the agreement from the number one person. However, he criticises the unnecessary revision of the syllabuses that are constantly done at the time being as it ruins the originality of Dato’ Meor’s heritage. This kind of invention revision will only make gayong lost it’s fang.

sharing his skills, picture taken from Cikgu Zamri’s fb

Being a school teacher, he really knows how to polish his students’ potential to their max. Perhaps it is the combination of passionate and the best pedagogical methodology that bring shine to his students especially in competitions. He says that the skills will come with time as it is experience that teaches you things if you do the thinking and reflection parts on your own. There are many more things that I definitely need to discuss with him. Perhaps in the next meeting? huhuhu

more about Cikgu Md Rasip (here)


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