Malam 7 likur

In the last ten days of ramadhan, Gayong Bachok members would choose a night to have a so-called party. We called it ‘make colek’ night. It is usually held when almost everyone has already come back to their hometown for Eid Fitr. They maybe working and studying elsewhere all around the country and at the end of Ramadhan they would be home with their parents and siblings. This is the suitable time to gather and catch up things. Although it is held every year, it has been a while since I attend this party. The last time was yearssss back  which was before I flew abroad.

Usually, we would just have light dish such as fruit salad (the Malay style@Colek buah) etc. But this year was exceptional. We ate colek kambing (mutton salad) instead. We had the most fantastic grilled mutton ever. The whole process starting from the still-alive goat until it is ready on plate was done by us. huhuhu.. The side dishes were phenomenal as well. Even the eating machines among us had to surrender because of the quantity was as great as the quality of the food.

The skinning process..

Enjoying the finger-licking food..

The apprentices along with Ayah Su, Abe Lan and Abe Dee..

Many thanks to Ayah Su, Ciksu, Cikgu Yie and friends for making the event a success.. huhuhu

Picture take from ayah su’s (here and here).


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  1. warid85 said,

    September 15, 2010 at 11:25 am

    and voila, look at my reluctant face…. cikgu muzairi did a good job in pushing me doing things that i dont want to do… but in the end… i learned how to skin off the goat…. and clean the inner part of the goat T_T (learning can sometime be very scary…)

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