The champion

It was really late to congratulate Cikgu Safwan for his SUKMA 2010 gold medal. But better late than never.

It was in the morning when we just arrive at the capital city of Cik Siti Wan Kembang State, Pak Ngah received a call from his student from Air Kuning. The caller mentioned something about Cikgu Safwan was competing for his gold medal at the moment and it was live on TV. We rushed to get a grand seat at a cafe close by to watch the action. Pak Ngah received a few more calls stating the same fact about his student having the competition.

Watching the Silat Olahraga competition was really exciting. The skills by Cg Safwan was great. As I have no basic or whatsoever about Silat Olahraga, having Pak Ngah explaining the movements and the techniques of how to score points was an eye opener. However, if only I have some basic about silat olahraga, the explanation would be more meaningful to my schema. Perhaps in the future, if I have my own students to teach the Silat Olahraga, everything will be clearer. For the time being, my silat is just a Silat Chachamerba. huhu

Pity the opponent, as he did not have the force and luck with him on that day. Everything that he did seemed to be wrong. When, the person waited, and suddenly Cg Safwan got the marks. If he attacked, and Cg Safwan got the marks as well. When the person kicked, suddenly he felt down, and Safwan got the marks. The person caught Cg Safwan’s leg, and suddenly he felt down, and Cg Safwan got marks. What else could he do to this Superman? huhuhu


1 Comment

  1. khairi said,

    October 15, 2010 at 1:30 am

    its such a nice fight, i cant imagine how they could pin down their opponent for five times more or less… i hope can learn the olahraga soon.. he7

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