Allahummarhamna BilQuran

The background sound

Allahummarhamna Bil Quran
Waj’alhu lanaa Imaaman
Wa Nuuran Wa Hudan Wa Rohmah
Allahumma Dzakkirna Minhu maa Nasiina
Wa’allimna Minhu maa Jahiilna
Warzuqnaa Tilaawatahu
Aana Al Laili Wa Athroofa An Nahaar
Waj’alhu lanaa Hujjatan
Yaa Rabbal ‘Alamin


Today we had a tadarus and khatam Al Quran at school (the finish part was not the whole Al Quran, but the last Juzuk of the Holy Book, Juz Amma). It was for the year one and two students. As I am not the teacher who teach them the subjects related, I was just one of the viewers of the ceremony, hoping that I might be blessed as well attending such a great event.

I was just a kid while they have already finished the Muqaddam at the same age..

It really brings back memory when I was a kid, going to my masters’ at my village house almost everyday to recite Al Quran. Learn the skills to read them soundly. My teacher was a person who we call  Kak Wan. Maybe that would be another entry. Before that, I learned the Alphabets and the basics at the Kindergarten. Then I should have learned it somewhere at my lower primary at well as the upper secondary school. In addition, my father also taught me the Quran. My siblings and I would take turns to read in front of him after the Maghrib prayer. We were also required to memorise the things that we need to say in our prayer. My father were really particular about that.

The Kak Wan part was when we already moved to Kelantan. We would march to her house after we get back from school. The ques were really long which enable us to socialise with friends, enjoy the ice cream and sesame seeds and do a bit of preparation for the recitation. We need to be very fluent before we can move on to the next surah,  page or ayat of the Quran. If there were too many students coming, Kak Wan’s children, Abe Hafiz and Kak Ti would land their hands.

This is the formal way of having the Khatam ceremony, not like mine.. huhuhu

After reciting with her for some time, I managed to Khatam (finish reciting) the Muqaddam, the last Chapter of the Quran. As to thank my master, and being grateful to the God, the Pulut Kuning (yellow sticky rice cake/glutinous rice) with the Grilled Chicken was a must.  Although it was not a grand event, everyone was able to enjoy the  superior meal. The meal is so special that it can only be seen in big occasions. Therefore it remains a memorable event in my life.

At the end of the year, when we had the end semester break, my parents would throw us at Religious Camps where we would spent most of our time there instead of playing around at home especially when the times were in raining seasons. There, we would improve and refine our recitation of the quran. This happened every year until we got stuck with big examinations, i.e. SPM, PMR.

It is not about comparing with others, how much we know or how much we read. It is about refining our own literacy to the quran, refining our understanding towards what we read, refining our practice to be in tandem with it and refining our love towards the words of God. Hopefully these refining activities can melt our heart, pervaded  by the sea of Allah’s blessing.. insyaallah



  1. Nor said,

    August 28, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Ingat dop kesah “alalalala tok jangan saman!” kekeke

  2. paih said,

    August 29, 2010 at 4:53 am

    huhuhu.. maybe an entry could be made to describe the incident.. huhuhu.. how the woodpecker gets its name.. huhuhu

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