Twin III: The Attack of The Clone

It was early in the morning, just a few blinks after 6 a.m., a student named Yoda had already stepped his foot at the school gate. At the time, there were already traces of students came to the school, perhaps they believe that the early bird catches the worm.

When he arrived at the Standard 3 Naboo, he saw Obi-Wan Kenobi was already there. To his amaze, Obi-Wan was sweeping the floor. It was really a rare phenomenon as he had never seen Obi-Wan touch such the low class and dirty broom before. ‘Perhaps today is his birthday, or maybe he won a 3D lottery  last night’, Yoda said to himself. Only a few chosen ones would use such broom even if it is for the betterment of the classroom.

“Mr Obi-Wan, so early you come,” said Yoda, hoping that he would start the chat with a dear friend of him. Because it was just a declarative sentence, not giving a reply is a normal thing. Thus, Obi-Wan just continued his duty without giving any reply. Silence.

Moving on, Yoda did his everyday routine, which is to book the front place in the line of his class. The place is considered as a sacred place as though he can gain every knowledge that the teacher says during the EW20 session. There is no money for the book, it is as easy as putting the pencil case and a note book. First come first serve. So, Yoda went down to the Budi Square as fast as thunder, the place where everyone gathers for the English for 20 minutes (EW20) took place, and placed his book. Smiling with pride, he had got the first place. Although it was not like getting the number one in the examination, at least it was able to kick his morning with a bright positive start.

Short after that, students started to assemble at the square. Some were chatting with friends and some were busy doing the mathematics homework were was still unsettle. Others were starting to calm down and get ready with their books. At the far side, at the entrance lobby of the school, Anakin Skywalker walked towards the square. At his side, his close friend, Obi-Wan Kanobi was marching along with his big Ben-10 bag. ‘What! is it Obi-Wan Kanobi?’ Yoda could not believe his eyes. Then who was the person he was talking to in the class just now?

Who is the clone?

After that, many speculations were made about the incident. Some said it was just his illusion and some believed that it was someone else. However, nobody dared to admit that he or she was the person who swept the floor and made the floor as clean as a whistle. Some suggested  that it was an attack of an alien or an attack of the clones, same like in the Star Wars II, where a bounty hunter was cloned to create stronger soldiers to protect the country. But in this remote case, the aim was to clean the always-polluted class.

Recess time passed and it was English class at the moment, which means that it would be the class teacher’s time, Mr. Darth Tyranus. Yoda was so eager to inform his class teacher about the weird incident. The lesson went on boring as usual. But Yoda’s eyes was sparkling, he was shaking in excitement to share his experience with Mr. Darth Tyranus. He just wanted to wait for the right moment to share it or it would not be that great. The time came when the students starting to do the individual task given to them.

“Mr Tyranus, do you want to hear what had happened to me this mornings?” Yoda came to Mr. Darth Tyranus hoping that the Master would lend him his ears. His friends started to gather around the Master’s desk, just wanted to hear what they heard before again and again.

“No, thanks. Unless you have done all the tasks given just now!” Mr. Darth Tyranus showed no mercy. He hasdlearned from the mistakes that he has done a few times before. Mercy means students will take opportunity on him. It hurts so much when at the end he realises that he was cheated by his very own children. This time he had to be firm. If Yoda  really wanted to tell him something, Yoda would finish his task as soon as possible. And he really did.

Hearing the testimony, Mr Darth Tyranus had nothing to say. He had no answer to the mystery either. All what they had agreed upon was that the Standard 3 Naboo was the winner of the  neatness and cleanliness classroom competition for the week. Thanks to the force of the attack of the clone. The trophy was theirs. huhuhu

*Based on the true story. The names were all changed due to the undisclosed circumstances.


  1. hakim said,

    August 19, 2010 at 3:44 am

    …and then Mr Darth Tyranus was using his internal force to look inside the 4th dimension world. He caught the culprit, but released the invisible alien after thanking him…. it was a rare species from planet Gorgon who breathes from the dust and dirt.. a Toyolbaek

  2. hunny said,

    August 20, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    wah!! awesome~~ i hd fun reading this 🙂 hehe.. congratulations~~ i wish i had 4 walls in my class to decorate too! 🙂

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