My Toys VIII

It is a simple Rally Classic Victorinox  Swiss Army knife. It was born along with a few more siblings when I had my summer vacation in Switzerland on 2008. So the multipurpose knife has been with me for two years. The knife is pretty sharp compared to the office knife. Thus it helps me a lot when I want to cut something small.

Personalised version..

These are the descriptions given by the Victorinox website about the knife:-

Our popular pocket-tool on a key chain provides valuable services for you every day. It is small, light, elegant, robust and functional all at the same time – an indispensable companion. The VICTORINOX metal inlay Emblem in the polished Cellidor handle is your guarantee for quality. The Signature model – with its handy ballpoint pen – is noteworthy as the only pocket-tool available with a pressurized ink refill that folds from 104 mm into a small key chain knife only 58 mm long.

Looking at the website, I just realised that the functions of the knife are a lot. Each corner of the knife has its own purpose, whether I realised it or not. huhuhu

Some of the functions are:

  1. blade
  2. nailfile with
  3. screwdriver
  4. cap lifter with
  5. magnet. Phillips screwdriver
  6. wire stripper
  7. key ring stainless
  8. tweezers
  9. toothpick
  10. tweezers or toothpick

The knife is indeed a friend of mine because it is a friend when I need it. A friend in need is a friend indeed. huu

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  1. o said,

    May 11, 2010 at 10:28 am

    greate knive

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