Outstanding All-Rounder

It has been 5 days, and I am still wondering how on God’s earth my class was selected as the winner of the weekly inter school competition for the cleanliness, neatness and decoration of the class. It was a shock as the class is currently in a mess. When I entered other classes, the feel is different always better than mine. huu

Perhaps it was a sign to tell me that I need to show some effort to do something to my classroom, especially in transforming the students’ attitude to love their class. Then only the other works will become easier.. The decorating part is not my field. Do I need to consult the experts to do the total makeover? Shall I call either Deco bersama Eric or Extreme Makeover?

Less than a month ago, I was in shock as well. It happened when I was appointed as a classroom teacher when the school reshuffled the timetable. The feel was like when you give a birth of 34 babies in one go. Don’t imagine it because you can’t. huu.. If you want to feel it, be a classroom teacher, especially for the year one students. I always admire them for having the passionate to give birth to such cute tiny little kids. huhuhu

Well, looking at it positively, it is a wide opportunity for me to learn. Just enjoy the joke that students make. They never fail to create one especially when your brain cannot function properly or when smoke come out of your ears.. huhuhu..


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  1. hunny said,

    May 26, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    hihi..congrats faiz!! my class won the gold trophy as “piala galakan” as they get the last place for minggu kebersihan n keceriaan. lol!!

    haha..maybe year 1 students in ur school are very cute indeed but at my school, it’s the most happening class! the kids are very eager to learn AND play AND talk simultaneously! fuhh…all of us kalo bleh nk avoid relief year 1.hahaha…but yeah, kids are kids, can’t deny that they’re cute indeed 😉

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