Keeping Students Quiet

Students definitely love to talk. Even if they are not talking, they would be very busy doing their own business or what we call off task. As I do not want to be consistently cruel to the students, I have to use other methods which will not physically and mentally hurt them .

In the class today, when I wanted to tell them a story, a few students could not sit still. When I gave a gaze to them, they act like nothing happen. I tried hard to give more scary look to them but nothing happen. They only pay attention just when I gaze them like my eyes were about to pop out. huhuhu. Then other students will start not paying attention. The circle went on and on which made me had to call names and tried other prevention methods. huhu

As it was a shared reading activity, students sit around me and listened to the story that I read. However, because of these short attention creatures, I had to make them all focus and quiet first before we can move on to continue reading the story. Then I got a revelation!

I told all students to zip the imaginary zipper on their mouth, lock the zipper and throw the key away. Alhamdulillah, all of them were exited and did what I told. A few minutes after that, after I have read the all the story. There was a pronunciation exercise, I asked my students to pronounce certain words. And almost all of the students say the word aloud.

However, a few students refuse to open their mouth. They gave sign language to me which I translated as their request to get the keys back to unlock the zipper and unzip their mouth before they can do the pronunciation exercise. I just ignore their request and continue with the activity.

However, their friends joined them as they realised that they haven’t unlock their mouth as well. They were struggling to talk but they couldn’t. They felt that they need to unzip their mouth first. OMG, should I join the mess as well? my monologue asked me. “This is the first and the last time I join in this kind of weird yet cute act” I said to my myself.

“Ok, I have the master key which can open all the locks” I told the mute students while throwing the key to the students. All of them got exited and caught the key. They unlocked their zipper happily. Their eyes showed the satisfactory as though they just came out of pizza hut with full stomach.

After that, they have made the loudest voice that they could in the pronunciation exercise. Their action were really cute and able to entertain me whenever I remember it throughout the day.

P/s: I could not remember that I was a talkative and imaginative boy when I was in my primary school. Was I?


1 Comment

  1. suhaimi said,

    May 10, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    hhehe paih very cute meh.. a very intersting way to make sure they shut their mouth heh~~

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