Hunting the Bulleye

Alhamdulillah, God has granted my wish years ago, which is to learn archery. I was really grateful as I was appointed as one of the teachers in charge of the school archery team. I have the opportunity to touch bow and arrows again after the first time I touched them when I was in UK. After having training for about a week at school, we headed for the game. The game took place under the Sport Carnival MSSJ which was held in Tangkak, Johor.

The view from where I stayed. Gunung Ledang, the mount with legends..

The competitors test the setting of their bow.

The archers during the competition.. The result was not that good. But insyaallah we will do better next year.

Many sexy gadgets could be seen there. The one like this is definitely in my wish list.. I was informed that it costs about two months of my sallary.. In addition, a dozen of good quality arrow costs nearly a thousand ringgit.. huu  


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