Meeting The Master VII

Introducing Cikgu Roslan bin Ramli… He is one of my grandmasters, besides Ayah Su, Cikgu Yie and Abe Di. Among us, he is known as Abe Lan. All of us whether the seniors or juniors call him Abe Lan. Perhaps it is because he is among the super senior member of Gayong Bachok since teenage.

Abe Lan showing some moves.

He learns Gayong since he was in primary school, firstly under Cikgu Cik Yub (end of 70’s and early 80’s). Abe Lan and his colleagues took care of Gayong Bachok after Cikgu Cik Yub was transferred out of Bachok. Their journey did not stop there. They move on to gather Gayong knowledge under whoever were capable of fulfilling their needs. They would travel anywhere in Kelantan if they heard the person can teach Gayong.

Abe Lan in the red belt (Ayah Su and ? in green belt).

Those days, Cikgu Awang Daud called him Lan Kachung (Belalang Kachung @ Praying Mantis). Not because he masters the praying mantis moves or something, but because his tall and slender body and his ability to jump high and far. huu

Young and Dangerous 1985 or 1986? The year when I was born, they have already bathed in sweat and blood for how many years.. huu.. pictures taken from ayah su’s.

Being in Gayong, one cannot escape sacrificing his time, money and energy. Abe Lan and his colleagues can be a profound example to portray the issue. One of the stories that he has shared was how they  go to the centralised Gayong practice at Gelanggang Seni, Kota Bharu, twice  a week (correct me if I am wrong). They went  to Kota Bharu in the evening, bringing together with them the things needed to go to school the next day. After silat practice, they would sleep anywhere available, i.e. Musalla or the Hospital. They woke up early in the morning to catch the first bus to Bachok, ready with their school attire.

Teaching also is a way for martial artists to learn, gain experiences and sharpen their skills. Abe Lan is also one of them. He has quite a number of students especially in Bachok. According to one of his students that I recently met, Abe Lan was a very strict teacher (which I can hardly believe because he is not like that nowadays). When I was in my secondary school, I had little chance to learn from Abe Lan because Cikgu Muzairi has already taken care of us. We only met him once in a while during courses and functions organised. We have the chance to get to know him better during and after the upper secondary years. Believe me that Abe Lan has a lot to share and we should grab the opportunity while it lasts.

There many more inspiring stories behind the scenes in his searching for gayong. It makes me feel ashamed to myself because I am nothing compared to them. I should make them as example to my own path, not just stop in the middle of the journey before the time comes. huu



  1. ambo said,

    March 27, 2010 at 6:02 am


  2. paih said,

    March 28, 2010 at 1:45 am

    demo keno nulih pasal benda2 ni nyo.. org lama.. huhuhu

  3. shaifulhakim said,

    April 1, 2010 at 11:59 am

    masyaAllah.. ambo takdok rezeki lagi nok jupo cikgu lan. lamo doh denga cerito dari cikgu nasir nga cikgu muzairi. waduuuhh… bilo buleh kelik klate ni!!! huhuhuhuhuh

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