My Toys VII

I was a big fan of Ebay when I was  in UK. The fact that Pound Sterling was expensive compared to other currency made everything seemed to be really cheap. I would spend hours just browsing through the web looking for interesting items to buy. One of my interest was to browse buy for weapons. One day, I found one interesting sword, which was very affordable. According to the seller, the sword was made in Toledo. It is a sacred place which specialised in producing weapons for war during Al-Andalus era.

After I received the item, it turned out to be just a replica sword. Huuu. That was the risk that I had to take when I bought things from the Ebay. Sometimes, the item was above expectation and sometime it was just a fake one. However, in this case, I am still grateful as the sword is still a solid piece, made of nice stainless steel, thick brass and dark wood. The only drawback of the sword of its sharpness and perhaps its durability. Although it might not be able to strike, cut, and thrust the steel drum tank, but definitely it can still injure people. huuu

Solid piece of work..

Still looking for charity for a shield and a helmet and not to forget the knowledge on how to use it wisely.. Ajik as the model, before going to battlefield his driving test. huu



  1. Noor said,

    March 21, 2010 at 6:56 am

    lol tudung periuk

  2. paih said,

    March 28, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    looking for sponsor: shield, helmet and baju zirah (M size for asian).. huuu

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