I went to a few bundles (second hand store) for window shopping when I was in Kelantan a few days back. There seems to be an advancement to the bundle industry in Kelantan. If those days the items sold are focused on the clothing, but now there are also books available for sale in one of the bundle that I have visited. That is a positive movement towards flourishing reading habit among the citizens.

In the shop, which is if I am not mistaken located in Tanjung Mas, the seller tries to promote the books by putting a poster written “Bangsa Membaca Bangsa Berjaya” below the bookshelves. The interesting part was that the values of the books are judged based on their weight- RM12 per kilogram. huhuhu

I bought a comic book entitled ‘The 4th Garfield Treasury’ just to see how the payment process is done. The seller put the book on the digital weighing machine. And the book is worth RM4. huhuhu.. The book is also available at Amazon.com (here).


On a page of the book

Don’t you agree with what Garfield says? huhu


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  1. Noor said,

    February 25, 2010 at 9:34 am

    hebak ah bundle lonih.

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