It was just actually a coincidence that I involved in the school chess team. One day, I was asked by a few students when is the selection for the school representative for the chess would be held? All of the students who are interested to join the tournament had already gathered. As I shared the working space with the teacher in charge, who is teaching in the afternoon session, the students came and asked me about the game. Therefore, after asking a few teachers,  I was asked to take control of the students first before the real teacher came. Since that day, I have become unofficial trainer for the students of course with the help of another teacher, who is more expert in the field.  The teacher who I share the workplace with becomes the manager of the team.

It is quite irony to see the situation where the trainer is less capable compared to the trainees. That was what happen in the school. I was not able to impart knowledge and skills to the students because I have nothing to share. What  I  need to do is to create the condition and space for students to learn, practise and master the skills required in order to be champions. Besides that, the students are already selected among the best player available in the school. They have already played chess at home and their family background has already has the big Chess chromosome in their cell. So, the polishing skills bit was not that difficult to cover.

At the end, we are able to get something out of our hard work. Congratulation to all. There is nothing taste better than our own effort.

From the experience helping the team, I have learned that not only in martial art one needs to provide bait to gain something great. It also applies in chess as well as in other field, I guess. Getting something typical might be easy, but when you meet someone greater than you or at least at your par, you need to put baits. Bigger bait for bigger catch. The bigger the risk, the greater win that you can get.

Apart from that, books should not be judged by their covers. Although they are just simple and unattractive, the content might make your nose bleeding. The same incidence happen to me when I misjudge my opponent’s strength when I fought one of my students, who are in my point of view the easiest person that I can defeat. He has checkmated me within five minutes. Starting that day, I have promised not to play with them ever again. However, because of my curiosity, I have fought them again.

Last but not least, we should not forget our ultimate aim in playing the game. Our only purpose is to checkmate the opposition. Therefore, do not easily distracted to get the bishop, castle or even the queen. If we are conscious that by eating other than the King is part of the plan to make our enemy get checkmated, go ahead. The same goes to what happen in the real life. Always remember that our ultimate goal in life. Everything that is done should always be on the track. Or we are in dead end- same like other living things; checkmate.


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  1. Noor said,

    February 16, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    semak molek sir maing chess. :))

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