Two bangles

I have just got two bangles this week.

One is given by my student. I asked her why me? My birthday is waaaay in the future. (Even so, I rarely celebrate my birthday. That is my secret of being young; celebrate birthday once in blue moon. huuu.) She told me that the bangle is not only for me, but also to other teachers. Her mother asks her to give them to her teachers. Thus,  I gladly accepted the small gift. huhuhu.. Perhaps her mother is a bangle wholesaler. Huu

Later, I went for my PSV lesson. We made bangles by using plastic tube and pieces of batik, cooking oil, and a lighter.

  1. Firstly, cut the plastic tube into a few inches length depending on the student’s hand size.
  2. Then, cut the batik into about 2×2 inches pieces.
  3. Roll the batik pieces.
  4. Dip the rolled batik into hot cooking oil to make the batik pieces look shiny.
  5. Then insert the batik into the plastic tube. You may want to use ‘satay’ stick to push the batik into the tube.
  6. Do the same procedure until the whole plastic tube is almost full. Just leave about half inch of both ends empty.
  7. After that, attach both ends of the tube by inserting  one into another. Press one end to make it smaller. Then only the end tubes can be attached.
  8. Lastly, Burn the attached links a bit to make sure that both ends stick together.

I must be thankful to a friend of mine who has introduced the product to me. My students have already asked my favor to buy the tube for them. Perhaps they want to make it commercial. The tube can easily be found in a hardware shop. It is sold for just 50 cents per meter.. A class which have 30 students will need about 6 meters tube. Happy experimenting.. huuu.


1 Comment

  1. kseverny said,

    February 7, 2010 at 12:30 am

    thats cool.
    thats an interesting method

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