My Toys VII

Walking along the weapon stalls in Pasar Siti Khadijah is a must if I am not in rush visiting Kota Bharu. Actually, I have no intention of buying another kerambit or any other weapon. I have already got some inner satisfaction by just looking at variety of weapons there. huhuhu

When I saw the kerambit, which I believe was more appealing to my eyes compared to others, I have already had a crush.  However, looking at the price tag attached to the kerambit, I feel that I have no match with the kerambit like ‘pipit dan enggang’, we are from entirely different level.

My emotion was stirred when I observed the blade of the kerambit after asking permission from the seller to have a look at the kerambit. I told myself that I shouldn’t look at the kerambit at the first place. I looked at other weapons as well, but my heart is still at the first kerambit. huhuhu

The seller told me that she could give me a special price, which was nearly half of the actual price. After negotiating a bit more, we had agreed upon a price that both sides win. I can say no more as I have unconsciously exchanged my ringgit notes with the new toy.

As the handle size is too small for my palm, it will be my toy collection, not for personal use. The handle can only place three of my fingers and the other two are exposed to the sharpness of the blade.. It is not practical for my hand because it can injure the owner while using it.. huhu

Looking at the Kerambit and the date I bought it (10th Muharram 1431). What should I name it?


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