Social Visit

The idea of having a social visit to my masters’ place was worth it considering that I did nothing great at home. In addition, knowing the fact that my practicum allowance was already being paid added my determination to go for the tour. At first, we planned to head to Ipoh to Cg. Amin’s place. However, the freehand course that we knew was postponed to a new date which will be informed later.

With Cikgu Awang.. The first training session before the training for the higher grades. We couldn’t join because we are not registered under ADMA yet. huhuhu..

Therefore, Adi has suggested us to go to Gurun, visiting Cikgu Awang. That night, the ADMA training was on. It was quite amusing to see how silat was practiced in quite a modern way. The module that was introduced to the trainee was a complete package containing the training of speed, stamina, techniques and power. The tight family bond among  the members could also be seen. Although Cikgu Awang was just observing the training from the far side, he was actually the masterpiece behind all of the learning that took place.

Chilling around for supper. huhuhu

Later, we went to Pak Ngah Izahar’s place. Going to Perak would never be complete without visiting Batu Kurau. Learning directly from Pak Ngah was a great fun. The pain that we had to endure taught us a lot. At the end of the day, my fragile muscles could not take it anymore. Perhaps I need to save the fun that we have in the next visit.. huhuhu


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