Silat dillema

Go and learn silat from your teacher or anybody expert in the field. In silat, there are a lot to learn. Believe me, the more you know, the more you feel you do not know. Learn from them until they surrender, not you. There will be a lot of excuses if you are not interested in learning but if you do love to gain knowledge and skills of warriors nobody can stop you. When will you start if not now? Where will it be if it is here? Who will do it if it is not you? If you find the opportunity then grab it. It will not come twice.

This message is especially related to the school of rare and nearly extinct like the one that my little brother used to learn, Silat Sekebun Bunga. The Grandmaster is not like in his young age anymore. Not many learn the silat as it non-commercial type of silat school. I bet if a student with a good manner and attitude approach him, the student will gain something valuable from him. It is something that can’t be bought elsewhere. And if the student constantly approached him, a lot more secret can be learned. What if something happen to the teacher before he can pass down his heritage? The knowledge will be buried along with the person.

There are many name and unnamed silat out there; both are excellent if they are good schools with great teachers. But be careful, some are diamonds and some are just merely glasses. Some are art of storytelling and some are the full with philosophy, some are nothing but practical and some will lead you to recognise yourself better. The combination of all of those is much preferred.

Although there are a lot of written syllabuses need to be covered, there are lots more out of the book/record that are invisible. Learn both the syllabuses and the secrets. Gardeners will not give flowers to monkeys. They will not give the flowers to babies either. Even if the monkeys and babies want it, perhaps they will give the fake one, or at most, they will get nothing but just the smell of it. The gardener will just give it to the right person, at the right time, with the right dose. So, be patient for a bit. The teacher has nothing to lose but we are the one who are in great lost, losing without even going to the real battle.

Along the way, take the positive values and learn from the mistakes that we have seen. For learners, put aside the politic part. Our job is just to collect the valuables that we found. Save it nicely in the book, hard disk and the heart, because everything that we have comes with responsible. But be careful, soon enough, we will have to take the responsibility of everything that we have learned. Pass it down to the next generation because it is not our belonging, it indeed our responsible.

A wise man once said to me that people who are not really good at the thing that they are learning will usually stay long in the field that they are in. People who learn fast would usually not that passionate because they feel that they learn fast and they can survive with what they have. Another wise person confirms it as he recalls many of his so called ‘great’ students had disappeared without any trace.

The inconsistency attitude needs to be changed.  The wrong perception need to be corrected. The paradigm needs to shift. Or the schools of silat will neither be alive nor dead. It is afraid that soon enough, there will be nothing to be taught except for the basic punching and kicking left and right.

I am just passing some part of messages from a teacher of mine. huhuhu


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