Yin & Yang

My Grandparents has got a pair of newborn kitten, which I proposed the name of the kittens as Yin and Yang.. Yin and Yang are not as fluffy as the evil cat in Cinderella tale, but they are more than enough cute and fluffy to charm Cik and Mek’s heart. The partner want to keep them in the house.

Yin on the right and Yang on the left.. i like..

The mother of the kittens was taken from Cik’s nephew, Pak Cik Ashaari. Cik told me that the cat has run away from the house two times. Maybe it is tough to live in the house by eating just plain fish mixed with rice.. Maybe she wants to eat Friskies once in a while. She needs to depend on her catch if she wants to survive. Sometimes she gets rat, mice, lizard and if she is lucky, she might get snake. Therefore she went away but maybe she found out that the real world is worst than the hell in Cik’s house.. huhuhu

According to Cik, the cat behaved really well the third time she went back home.  She turned up to eat the meals on time and acted politely to the family. Therefore Cik suspected that something has happened to the cat. After  went through some intense investigation, he found out that the cat has got a pair of kitten, Yin and Yang.

The bad news was that the cat was extremely defensive towards her kitten. We had to use a broom to chase her away before we could have a look at the kittens. To my surprise, both of them were nothing like the normal kitten. They were  like cubs in The Lion King movie; Simba and Nala.. huhuhu.. both were adorable yet fearsome.. The showed their tooth and claws along with hissing sound, scary.. We managed to touch them after trying for a while… huhuhu

P/s: There are a lot of things that we can learn from the creation of cat.. The way they protect their kitten, the way they fight, they way they exercise, the way the catch their victim, they way they fall, the way they play and many more.. if we care to observe and think..


Yin & Yang

Good and Bad,
Angle and Evil,
True and False,
Bright and Dark,
White and Black,
Heaven and Hell,
Sweet and Bitter,
Wide and Narrow,
Positive and Negative.

We are human,
Yin and Yang are in us,

We choose.


1 Comment

  1. akim said,

    December 2, 2009 at 12:53 am

    waaaa….. boleh le kita berbesan. nanti nok wat balik kucin ko mesia, namonyo Joix! hehehehhehehe

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