Number Nine

This baby was born on o9/o9/o9.

Her name is Masya Maisarah. She is my nephew, the daughter of Kak Atun (same age as abeje).

She was just 2.9 kg when she was born, which according to her father,  was too tiny to hold. However, her growth is really fast. In less than two months, her weight gets nearly 5 kgs (if I am not mistaken). huhuhu

Looking at God creations just amazes me. But still, a lot of people are still complaining. This also includes me. Lets complain less and be more grateful with what we have today. However, as we do not know how the future lies ahead, perhaps we can try to draw the future the way we want. But always remember that everything is under His record and knowledge because He is Almighty, All-Wise.

p/s: Masya is currently looking for the place where she can register her identification card so that she can get more 9s as if in 090909-09-XXXX. Which state would that be? Maybe the XXXX can also be the 9s. But the last X is not an option as the odd number is an indication of male while even number for female. huhuhu


1 Comment

  1. rumah kuning said,

    October 30, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    wah…comelnya baby ini

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