Catching the moment

Yesterday, we had our family day for our batch which is officially known as ‘Hari Pengurusan Gerko’.  This is when a few of my friends showed their talent catching the moment- taking pictures. This very moment will be kept forever and not easily being forgotten. Their skills was superb far beyond mine.. huhuhu

Galah Panjang in progress

As I am not an expert in taking pictures, I would rather ask the professionals to take pictures using my own camera. Although the camera is nothing compared to the SLR cameras, I believe that the art of taking picture is not solely depending on just the type of camera that is used. It is the combination between the camera used, the setting in using the camera, the art of taking picture itself and the editing part, which none of them I have. huhuhu

Futsal- coincidentally, WA stands for wing attack.. huhu

In taking action pictures, one need to be extra alert as an action would not happen twice. This is the time when you need to decide fast because you would not find the same moment ever again. It is quite different from the picture in which the photographer count before he or she takes the picture. I am ok in taking count-before-take and say-cheeeese pictures. huu..

p/s: There are angles on our shoulders taking care of capturing every moment of our lives. Are we at least aware of it? huhuhu


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