A tribute to Mok Raa

On the first day of Eid, we had a chance to go to Umi’s house, where we met Umi, her daughter (Kak Nor), her son in law (Abe Azizi), her grandchildren and last but not least Mok Raa..

As usual, when I met my Mok Raa, she would smile at me as she always do and saying that I was only a small innocent kid when she took care of me. Now I have grown a lot.. She would tell Kak Nor’s children that I was about their age when I stayed with her. It really brings back memories, although things was a bit blur as I was just a tiny little kid at that time.

Mok Raa with her smile..

I used to live at Ayah Su and Umi’s house back then, at the end of 80’s and early 90s’. As I came from working parents, my elder brothers, my sister and I was sent to their house. It was when we were in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to be precise..

Mok Raa was the one who was in charge of taking care of us. She was our Nanny, our Godmother. According to Mok Raa, I liked to ask a lot of weird questions to everybody including her. “What is that?”, “Why is it like this?” “Why is it like that?” even to the extend that it may be perceived as rude by others.. but not for Mok Raa, she looked it as parts of my learning. That was when the inputs were crammed into my heart..

My mother always says that children of the age below 5 years old gain the most rapid input in their lives. They are fast learners at that time although the production part might come in later part of their age. As for Mok Raa, she was really patient in provided us with our different needs, faced our different split personalities with smile, and loving us without condition. Sometimes we were autobots but most of the times I guess we were decepticons (warid 2009). huhuhu

Thanks from all of us.. We love Mok Raa as well..

Al Fatihah to the late Ayah Su (Pok Su Wi).. His last smile will always be in my heart..


  1. Perhaps more elaboration about this entry can be shared as I has quite a blur memory about what particularly happened at that era..  Maybe another entry? huhuhu
  2. I was told that I have a rival who was my sparring partner at that time? We lived together with Mok Raa.. Who was that guy again? huhuhu..

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  1. Hafzan Lazim said,

    October 9, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Reading this post made me think hard. So let me think first before I write something. hahahhahaha. Hope I will come up with something.

    But Mok Raa will always be evergreen. She has the same look that she had 20 years ago. She is like second Mother to us, sir Faiz and Naziha especially. I remember Hj Lazim said to me that we cannot be “derhaka” to Mok Raa. That much I can tell you guys for this moment.

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