The Merchant of Venice

I went to watch a play performed by my juniors as part of their assignment entitled The Merchant of Venice, same like we did years ago, but ours was on Romeo and Juliet. Both plays were written by Shakespeare.

Their play was remarkably great. I did not know that my housemates were really great in acting. It is true that still water runs deep. The fantastic costume, props, actors, script and enthusiasm was poured for the audiences’ enjoyment.

Mr Alip acted as Bassanio.. Splendid..

As my background knowledge about the play was zero when I watched the play, I was not able to comprehend the play well. In addition, I went to watch the play a bit late and went out of the auditorium early because of some family matter (do not follow this as it is rude to do so when you watch others perform).

Therefore, to make it up, I have made some research about the play. I found out that the play was pretty interesting. Although I was never been a fan of Shakespeare and never will, I believe that he was able address a few issues in the play pretty well. The use of a Jew to portray the greedy and unmerciful creature was really hit the nail on the head. Although the play was written between 1596 and 1598 (wiki), it is applicable today and will remain relevant in the future. huhuhu..

Hopefully we gain something from the play. History is not just about the past, it is incidents that will repeatedly happen happen again and again. The question is where will we be when it happens? either in the dark path with Shylock (Abu Lahab and the gang) or on the straight and bright side. You choose side that best suits you, but there will be consequences for everything..

Congratulation to the whole cohort. The whole team had put enormous effort to the performance.. Thanks for the great lesson. huhuhu


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  1. c2c3 student said,

    October 8, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    tq 4 watching our performance..

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