Belt Awarding Ceremony: PSSPGM Selangor

After getting lost, and trapped in the rain, we managed to arrive at the Pusaka Gayong Selangor Belt Giving Ceremony 2009, just right before the neck kicking actions started.. My teachers had invited me to go and see how other gelangangs were in action. It was held in early August in Sungai Buloh. In fact, looking at other setting up the big event like this was really overwhelming.

Cikgu Md Rasip Abd Wahab is awarding the belt

It is also nice thing to see all of Pusaka Gayong members in the state can sit together and performed the demonstration. I was informed that the practice (mainly the organisation of the demonstration) only took parts a few hours before the ceremony started.

As an outsider (in IPBA, I am under Pusaka Gayong KL), I believe that the organiser was doing their homework and job in a productive manner. It was not only the gayong members which comes from all over the Selangor states who were involved in the ceremony, they also incorporated member of authorities (i.e. politicians), parents and the locals into the event.

Another thing that amazes me was that they have many red belt members. The number, if I am not mistaken had exceeded the number of green belt members. If  each one of them can take care at least one gelanggang, for sure they will really have a really big number of members in all over the province. But it only works in book I guess.. huhuhu..



  1. acap said,

    February 18, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    saya dok ampang..kat mana gelanggang psspgm yg terdekat ek??tringin nak g blajar jgak

  2. saujana said,

    February 24, 2012 at 9:19 am

    manthopppp cikgu faizzz….

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