The chronicles of independence

Looking on the surface, having an independent country is always desired by every citizens. Everyone wants to be free from any influence, control or even guidance from others. Is it what independence means? Are we really in the state of independent? As independence can be interpreted differently,  I’ll leave the questions for all to think about.

A few weeks back, the history club members had paid a visit to the Emergency Exhibition- The Chronicles of 1948-1960. more pictures (here)

Yesterday's evening, we went to the Cartoonist Lat's exhibitionism.

I went out with my friends for iftar, I met one guy who is proudly showing his patriotism. Credit to Warid and Azri for the picture.. huhuhu

Before midnight, we went out for a superb supper. and for the countdown

After that, the KL tour began and we ended up stopping at the Taman Bukit Permai. In the picture, Pak Ngah was thinking on the true meaning of independence.

That was my journey to celebrate the 52 years of Malaysian independence. But it was for my country. What about my own independence? Am I free from the chain hatred, greedy, jealousy, laziness, proud and other mazmumah traits?

Al fatihah to those who has sacrificed their life to Islam and their country..


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