Remembering the God

I found quite an interesting guy when I went to have my Tarawikh prayer at Masjid Muhammadi. When everyone was facing the qiblah, he faced towards the north. As he seemed to be a ‘special’ guy, nobody cares about him.

Only God knows

The incident made me remembered a phrase in Al-Quran saying that

Unto Allah belong the east and the west, and whereever you turn there is face of God. Lo! Allah is All-embracing and All-knowing. (Al Baqarah 115)

Please do not follow what the guy has done. However, we can think of value that we can get from this incident. Perhaps what we should practice is always try to remember the God at all places and time. Or at the very least, try to improve the quantity and quality (and most importantly the consistency) of our time with the God.

Once you complete your Contact Prayer (Salat), you shall remember GOD while standing, sitting, or lying down… (An Nisa’ 103)

p/s: That entry is mainly a reminder to me.. huhuhu..


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