Last demonstration in IPBA

The topic is just a question, not a statement. Looking at the coming events and trends there is not much left for us (B.Ed TEST year 4) as we are leaving the college in just few months.

The basic movements..

The ‘Ambang Kemerdekaan’ demonstration was just supposed to be a chill demo where everyone have a nice time watching the performances from different groups. However, watching on how silat members performed that night, things had been a bit serious. As always, everyone took it seriously. Maybe the chill bit has changed to thrill.. huhuhu

Scene 4 act 3..

For the pentas keris that I had with Mr. Warid, I realised that the stances and movements that I made were kind of awkward and sloppy, huhuhu.. Last minute practice was always the method used to gain skills and understanding. Waima (Wa imma= either) it is for demonstration or grading and etc.. huhuhu.

more info (here)

Which stance do you prefer? Mine is just peace stance.. Say no to war.. huhu

A few years back, I had asked one of the Grandmaster’s disciples, Ustaz Khalid about the thing or movement that he likes most in Gayong. He told me that he likes is ‘tapak gayong’ (gayong stance) the most. I am not really sure about his answer and I am still searching for it.

Once upon a time, Cikgu Muzairi with his tiger stance.. taken from Ayah Su’s page..

According to my teacher, we could trace whether one is using the right and pure knowledge in Gayong by looking at their movements and stances. Then only we can determine whichone is the diamond or glass.



  1. ashraflatif said,

    August 27, 2009 at 2:09 am

    cikgu muzairi sangat kurus. haha

  2. August 27, 2009 at 9:25 am

    waaaaaaaa!!!! really handsome maaaa! ;p heheheheheh

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