My toys III

I regretted my decision leaving this toy at home. I should have bring it here to the college so that I can always be with the toy. Oh my Perangkap Bayang.. huhuhu

Mr. Perangkap Bayang. The picture was taken from Ayah Su’s.

It is a new made keris, a duplicate from my uncle’s. A Javanese Megantara style with an extreme tapered yet balance shape, it is definitely one of my preferences. What about you? The making process only took about two weeks time. It was like a second for me as I was busy with all of the stuff at that time. The keris makers were really effective in doing their works, as the process would usually take about half a year time.

Having a good blade does not necessarily mean that one knows how to use it properly. However, it is always good to at least be prepared with what might happen in the future, you’ll never know. The next step is to learn how to use it as a real weapon, not as a toy like me. The later step is a bit hard and taking a lot of effort and times. huhuhu

Lastly, you need to learn how to always be assured that all come from the One. He is the one who give everything and He is the one where we get help. The weapons, skills and strenght are all from Him. Be careful with what you possess because it may also bring you to desaster especially in the hereafter. Not because of possessing it, but because of believing that they (the weapons) have power to protect you from harms.  This is one type of polytheism that we should always avoid. Nauzubillahiminzalik.


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