To do list

I am going back to my hometown any moment from now. There are many things that I intend to do insyaallah this break.

Many of us (my family & and relatives) who are either working or studying outside of the state will be home as well. That means more gathering and more eating. huhuhu.

Last break, we have created one record, eating eel for quite a number of kgs. huhuhu

Mokcik, with her skills..

Usually, we only had the eel, for a few kgs, that’s all. But the latest was enormous. Instead of eating rice with eel, we had our eel with rice instead. It was had to believe that we managed to finish them in one glance. alhamdulillah..

Don’t be deceived by the plates.. That was just the starter.. huhuhu

There will also be a Gayong short course for the seniors on this 1st & 2nd June. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, Insyallah. To anak Gayong Bachok who are interested to join us, please feel free to do so. Thanks..


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