Linking theory to the practice

Last week, we had a sparring session at the end of our usual silat training, . As I am not the instructor of the gelanggang, I have little opportunity to expose the trainers on the need to practise sparring. Because of the limited of the time, we just follow what are being taught to us by our instructors.. However that week,  I had the opportunity to train with the novice group, thus, able to open their eyes on how ‘fun’ it could be to fight others.

One of the aims involving in martial art is to be able to fight. In order to do so, the trainers need to be able to transfer the knowledge that they have (the syllabus) to the real life situation. They can do all the techniques learned if their partners were just following what they intend to do. What if they resist (do not give cooperation)?  That is the real world. We can’t ask other to punch and just wait for us to lock them or even catch their hand. That will never happen on the street… Whoever fast, clever, strong, cunning and etc wins. huhuhu

tapak yoi vs tendangan angin puyuh.. huhuhu (file gayong ipba 2005).

Firstly, getting trainers to get the idea of how it feels to attack and to be attacked is important. Then only trainers can easily understand how they can apply their theoretical knowledge into the practical part. Besides that, trainers also need to figure out on some tips and techniques that is not mentioned in the book. The instructor has two choices in regards to this aspect, whether to tell the tips to the students or only create the opportunity for them to develop their own principles. The later is I think better but do they have sufficient time to develop the tips with a very limited training time? behaviourist vs constructivist? huhuhu..

I think almost everyone has got some ‘present’ at the end of the session. The present can be in term of bruises, cut, trauma, skills, knowledge etc.. The size and impact of the ‘present’ depends on the effort that they put in their fight. Hopefully the ‘present’ can teach them something.. huhuhu… On the other hand, my buddy and I also had some time experimenting things.. Both got some presents.. There are still a lot that need to be learned, especially to link the theory to the practice.. huhuhu..



  1. sai said,

    May 28, 2009 at 10:06 am

    mun blatih bila? nok join buleh? huhu
    gian lama x mmain

  2. paih said,

    May 29, 2009 at 8:08 am

    mari laa.. mlm khamis.. tp lloni cuti sem..
    nanti kita kiro.. huhuhu

  3. fieqa said,

    June 12, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    “The later is I think better but do they have sufficient time to develop the tips with a very limited training time? behaviourist vs constructivist?”

    ayaiii capten!

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