Review: The Evil Cult (1993)

I watched a film entitled ‘the evil cult’ just now. It is a typical early 90′ kungfu film which has a lot of martial art actions. In this post, I just want to stress on the end part of the movie where the hero (Jet Li) has thrown away all of the stances and moves that he has learned in order to keep his promise to his rival, not to fight them using the stances  he knows. Therefore, he has learned a new, completely different stance from his grandmaster on the spot, which he was not able to learn before, because of his injury.

He has to master the new stance on the spot in order to defeat two powerful opponents who is giving pressure by attacking him from all sides. These are some of the principles and theories that his grandmaster mentioned, while showing the stance to him.

grows from nothing.
It’s the origin of motion.
The origin of everything.
Positive and negative is connected.
Can’t be separated.
2 elements help each other.
They are against each other.

Keep calm.
Mind your respiration.
Concentrate your mind.
Pay full attention.
Turn soft to hard.
Use both soft and hard.

In Tai-chi,
there is soft and hard.
Use both soft and hard.
Generate the forces as you wish.

just remember it’s meaning,
not the stance.
Forget all your stance.
Thus you can make it.

And.. I assume you should know how it ended.. huhuhu.. However, it can only happen in film.. Rarely happen in the reality.. huhuhu


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