Happy (belated) Mother’s Day

I went to my uncle’s house one fine afternoon and saw my cousins were doing some art work. I thought that they were finishing their homework, as the table was full with accessories and books. Only my uncle was around as my aunt went out with my parents.

I was amazed with their attitude when they told me that they work collaboratively in order to design a Mother’s day card for their mom, and it was not their homework. They divided the card equally as each of them got one part of the the card that need be filled.

From left clock wise, Syuhada, Izzah, Izuldin and Najihah

The eldest, Izuldin acted as the leader of the project and everyone seemed to be cooperating pretty well. Even the little Syuhada contributed by scratching some unknown pictures on the card. Najihah, a Standard One daughter, tried her best to write a letter to her mom. The second child in the family, named Izzah also helping to design the cover page of the wish card. She also asked her siblings’ opinion on the content that she can put for her part in the card.

A standard one’s draft, before it gone through the revise, editing and publishing process.

When I was a small kid, I was less exposed with the special dates such as this mother’s day date and etc. Maybe I was too busy with my core business, which is playing and didn’t bother much about stuff like aprilfool valentine day and stuff. As much I can recall, I only knew the existence of valentine day when I was in secondary school; not because I own a girl, but because of the awareness campaign that my teachers and seniors did. Dates were only seen as in two terms, school day or holiday. I always missed my birthdays, not to mention others’ birthday. huhuhu

Back to the topic, on the next day, Haziq went back home with his supposed-to-be-just-outing holiday. Maybe he was witty in making excuses to his warden. It was a mother’s day after all. Maybe he told his warden that he wanted to have his time with family on that day. huhuhu.. My mum cooked special dish on that day. Enough to make us concentrate enjoying our lunch. Thank you for the marvelous cuisine.. huhuhu

From left clock wise direction, jering muda, ikan selar kuning goreng, ikan puyu goreng, budu, lawa ikan, gulai ketam.. Thanks maa for the special dishes.. huhuhu

If sarawakian have umei, japanese have sushi, kelantanese have lawa (only small part of Kelantan and Besut especially places near to coast). huhuhu..

Happy Mother’s Day to Maa, Kak Atie, my cousins, friends, and all mothers out there. The hand who ‘menghayun buaian’ can shake the world.

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  1. hafiz lazim said,

    May 13, 2009 at 1:35 am

    so sweet..hehe

  2. Hafzan Lazim said,

    May 13, 2009 at 7:37 am

    1. Paling last saya balik malaysia, Najihah tu tengah berdukung lagi. Izzah ngan Izuddin Mak dia pergi Mekkah masa tu. Izzah tengah telo lagi. “Lutu laa Abe dee”. Besar dah semua.
    2. Original sungguh sajak Najihah.
    3. Saya pon kurang mengingat tarikh. Sejak duk germany ni jah, tak dok kijo buat, adolah sket masa nak ingat tarikh-tarikh.
    4. Bukak pc, tgok-tgok ada makanan yang sedap. Kejam-kejam. Lawa??? Allah!!!!
    5. Mana cerita tengilling? hahahahah

  3. suhaimi said,

    May 17, 2009 at 10:14 am

    paih nmpk sdp mskkn tue huhuh 😀 rindu nk mkn mskn malaysia~~ i man real food from malaysia hahaha

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