I have received a very interesting comment from a reader about my post ‘My Toys‘.

belatianakrimau said (May 11, 2009 at 2:32 am)

Keris mana ada boleh berdiri dgn sendiri ataupun terbang semua guna pakai jin atau dampingan, syirik jgn cuba atau belajar. Kalau nak belajar main keris kena belajar dari bawah, tangan kosong baru naik kesenjata tak bole belajar senjata saja nanti bila senjata tiada ditangan tak tau nak beladiri sendiri nanti mati. Kalau nak belajar sila la ke Petaling Jaya dekat digital mall Seksyen 14, sebelah Bakers Cottage , Jak Othman marital arts studio, PENCAK SENI SILAT HARIMAU BERANTAI, permainan tangan kosong, seni belati, keris, kerambit, tekpi, sundang jawa dll. Sila lihat youtube seni belati itu la guru saya Jak Othman( pengarah siri dokumentari MAHAGURU ).

My response to this comment:

  1. Keris can stand on its own, with the right techniques and concentration. From the science aspect, the way a keris is designed enables it to stand with the help of the sheath or not, on its tip or hilt, as long as the person knows how to do it. It can fly as well, if God permits so. It may has genie or something but they don’t have anything (power etc.), except with the will of the God.
  2. Talking about syrik, one needs to be extra careful.. If you believe that you can do this and that without relying on the God, you have already in a big trouble. Even food or medicine can make you become syirik. They don’t have any power, except with the will of God. The same goes to keris.
  3. I do agree with you that a beginner needs some foundation before they move on playing with weapons. However, we can’t definitely say that a person cannot learn playing with weapons before they learn to fight barehanded. Some school of martial arts teach their students using the weapon first. Once they have matured in the techniques learned or with the philosophy of their schools, they can do anything even without using any weapon except for avoiding death. We can’t stop the death because it was written even before we were born. They have their own way to fight even without using any weapon. We can’t judge them if know nothing about them. Respecting others is one of the important part of martial art.
  4. I know the place but haven’t gone to give a visit to the gym yet. I was told that Guru Jak Othman was once study the same discipline as I do now, Silat Gayong Malaysia/Pusaka/Warisan. Of couse his level is lot higher than mine, as he is from the earlier generation of the Gayong practitioner. huhuhu..
  5. If your intention is to advertise the school, thank you. I would prefer learning something pure, where I know where is the origin of the silat (sanad) that I learn. Although some may say that it is traditional, or something. I have my reasons for that.

Wallahu’alam.. Please correct me if I am wrong..

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  1. May 12, 2009 at 5:58 am

    What has been said is true no doubt about that, e.g aikido evolve from the boken(sword) technique but till today no aikido master would teach their students the art of boken at the early stage of learning, cause I studied aikido before thats why I know.
    Master Jak Othman was a student of gayung before during his younger days and still keeps in touch with old gurus like Master Majid Mad Isa and Cikgu Awang Daud but he is not an instructor of gayung.His style is from Central Java inherited from Guru Ibu Ramintan.Want to know more please kindly give him a visit,anything purer than that which is not adulterated learn silat pulut Wassalam.

  2. warid85 said,

    May 12, 2009 at 10:32 am

    i believe once you have make a sweeping statement Mr belatianakrimau, you should retract it; that is how a man acts. Little do i know about martial art but bragging is not one of good attitudes that i know. Sorry if my words hurt you but i just think you are a bit rude.

    ps: My comment has nothing to do with your Master (Cikgu Jak Othman). But it has something to do with your manners in accusing and approaching someone. As if you know everything~

  3. May 13, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Bye the way who the hell are you?, I’m talking about a comment on the standing keris , and you budge in telling me I’m rude, This is my thoughts and opinions, I am not bragging about anything what I said is true and facts, you dont have to be offended about it and I’m not retracting anything that I have said here and I have not offended anyone so dont take it personally.If you cannot take what others have said good or bad I think you should not reply or comment about anything stay away from your PC.Bye the way who am I accusing in the first place?. I am not accussing anybody mind what you say, I have nothing to say anymore, bye and may ALLAH bless you.

  4. warid85 said,

    May 13, 2009 at 11:10 am

    I am sorry if i have offended you and may Allah bless you too. But i am sure you are well educated to differentiate between sweeping statement and general statement (if you don’t, then learn it first). And i am sure you have learned how to write in proper manners without causing ambiguity to other readers. if you ask me to mind what i say i would also like to advise you to think before you say. Mind your manners in writing mr belatianakrimau because it shows who you really are.

  5. aquareeuz said,

    May 13, 2009 at 11:24 am

    hehe kalaka la belatianakrimau. i think, u should reflect on your words and read paih’s answer on your comment. how would you feel after you read it? first, u should apologize for stating that “Keris mana ada boleh berdiri dgn sendiri ataupun terbang semua guna pakai jin atau dampingan, syirik jgn cuba atau belajar”. i believed at the moment you wrote those comment you do not know whether he has properly learned it or just ‘play-play’ am i right? and sweeping statement mentioned by warid85 is merely refer to that. sweeping statement means making statement without having proper prove.
    It is not a big problem anyway it is just about reminding others like the saying.. always reminding others to do good deeds.

    perhaps misunderstanding from Belatianakrimau or the spirit of baby tiger hik hik.
    tapi gud ay u know aikido Belatianakrimau. my place is not far from digital mall. but cannot take part. I injured my shoulder in an accident last two weeks. Happy Blogging.

    wassalam, Peace.

  6. paih said,

    May 22, 2009 at 6:44 am

    my great teacher @ uncle has discussed this issue in his multiply.. please visit the site to get more info.. huhuhu

  7. Harimau Perancis said,

    July 2, 2009 at 5:35 am

    dearest belatianakrimau,

    keris is a pendekar’s own hand. learning the keris, or without it, is same, in the point view of the keris itself. keris is simply “sampai tangan” (w.b.w: hand-reacher), meaning that u can reach ur enemy longer than ur barehand and u can stab him to death easier (because u must have that bloody solid ‘anakrimau’ claw to do same LOL). But the drill, the escape, the tapak and so on in keris is same for the barehand training. maybe u r referring with the javanese keris technic? i’ve learn the Bali style keris (Bakti Negara:Indonesian-Hindu style) n i know that it is completely different with Malay keris technic. for them, kris is more like genre of golok or machete, manipulated by doing rapid slashing, stabbing and golok-like rotation.

    but ur statement: “Kalau nak belajar main keris kena belajar dari bawah, tangan kosong baru naik kesenjata tak bole belajar senjata saja nanti bila senjata tiada ditangan tak tau nak beladiri sendiri nanti mati” seems soo arrogant for me. plaese, don’t be fanatic with ur own style or opinion. don’t look down the others. U r talking about DON’T do the Syirik, but at the same time you DO the syirik, by having the faith on ur Barehand tecnic. it is not the poisonous Keris, poweful punch or fast kick that will save u from any battle. Mati di tangan Tuhan bro…

    i’m sure that u don’t know Paih, his background, his masters and his family, don’t u? jangan jadi katak bawah tempurung. travel le malaysia. cari la guru2 silat lain. lagi pun contact senang zaman sekarang, internet ada….


  8. tokuban78 said,

    February 25, 2010 at 1:13 am

    setahu saya nak mendirikankan keris cam dalam gambar tu x perlu ilmu batin
    senang saja nak mendirikan keris di tepi sampir jika ada kemahiran dan pula keris ada keseimbangan atau dibuat oleh tukang-tukang x ada kaitan dengan unsur-unsur jin dan syirik

  9. May 24, 2010 at 8:36 am

    1. Saya pernah tengok keris berdiri sendiri kat Jalan Masjid India. Tak kisah la keris tu berdiri sendiri ke,ada sendal ke (sampir keris),jin ke,yang penting ia berdiri.
    2. Kalau percaya ada Jin pun tak syirik,kalo keris tu bersendal pun tak syirik.(pendapat saya sahaja)
    3. Sebab,Jin mmg ada dalam dunia ni dan kalau keris tu tetap berdiri tanpa jin,mmg terbukti ada sebab musabab nya,cth: keseimbangan keris dan kemahiran orang yang mendirikan keris atau mmg orang main silap mata.(magic macam kat sarkis)
    4. Kalau nak belajar beladiri bermula dengan tangan kosong betul juga,tapi kalau seni beladiri itu mmg ada guna senjata bagaimana? Cth : Lawan Pedang Barat, Kendo dan Seni Pedang Samurai.
    5. Belajarlah silat atau beladiri dgn sesiapa pun, tapi jangan menuduh yang bukan-bukan (cth syirik). Kalau yakin penumbuk,sepak,siku,lutut hatta jurus apapun boleh cabut nyawa manusia lain itu lagi syirik.
    6. Baru je berhajat nak belajar silat siku lutut aka tomoi ngan Kru Jak Othman, ada pula anak murid yang tak tahu macam mana promote gym secara proper.

    Salam dan sekian

    Disclaimer : Silat Garik 7 Lapis adalah nama rekaan semata-mata. Tak wujud pun.

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