Kecek-kecek bola.

Conversation between me and Hilmi. I Hope it will give some idea about what will happen tomorrow night. I hope too the same thing in the video will happen but i doubt it. Please forgive our “Kekoyalan”, chat in English has become our habit for some time now. But this “Kekoyalan” thing is between me and him only. Nothing to be ashamed of though, maybe it will be a good exercise for us.


unledbetter: “We believe that playing well is the best way to achieve good results. Football is for enjoying and having a good time. Our fans wouldn’t forgive us if we played the way Chelsea did last Tuesday, with all the respect in the world. There are many ways to get results. I mean that we will maintain our philosophy to the end. Win or lose we won’t change our ideas”.
hilmizulkifli: today football is more about strategy i guess..
hilmizulkifli: tactics

unledbetter: you are with me or with them??
hilmizulkifli: its sad realyy
hilmizulkifli: ofc i m with ülaying well will win trophies
hilmizulkifli: but in the real world..
hilmizulkifli: team laike barca n arsenal
hilmizulkifli: is less trophies compare to liverpool

unledbetter: hahahhaahhah
unledbetter: i hate u
hilmizulkifli: lol
unledbetter: hahahahhhhahah
unledbetter: hahahahahaahah
hilmizulkifli: i support arsenal
hilmizulkifli: but thats the truth

unledbetter: cant believe you sided with liverpool
hilmizulkifli: no
hilmizulkifli: but if u look closely..

unledbetter: i like wierd
hilmizulkifli: man u
hilmizulkifli: is a bit of both i wud say

unledbetter: chelsea are proud to defend 11 men in box
hilmizulkifli: manu play well
unledbetter: i know
unledbetter: man u have it beauty
hilmizulkifli: but also a litle strategy n tactic
hilmizulkifli: that why they win last year
hilmizulkifli: team like celsi n liverpool
hilmizulkifli: who have the players..
hilmizulkifli: concentrate more on tactic
hilmizulkifli: how they can win

unledbetter: last year man u did the same thing like chlesea did to barca
unledbetter: kindda sad really
hilmizulkifli: yeah ..
unledbetter: we want to see like 1000 gol per game
unledbetter: hahahahahhaha
unledbetter: world cup is also the same
hilmizulkifli: yeah its sad
hilmizulkifli: saf fact

unledbetter: argentina also the same
hilmizulkifli: sad
hilmizulkifli: yeah..

unledbetter: winning mentality more tahn beauty
hilmizulkifli: cos argentina relying totally on football
hilmizulkifli: cant win

unledbetter: maybe you and me
unledbetter: we should watch american football
hilmizulkifli: lol

Hafzan Lazim.


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  1. hafiz lazim said,

    May 7, 2009 at 6:49 am

    ManU dont impress me. i am not english so i have not affected by the english media hyping up the attacking football of MU. They dont ever have a striker. Most of their goals come from freekicks or penalties after dives by evra, carrick or ronaldo. they put everybody behind the ball and then try to steal a goal. once they ahead they kill off the game. take ronaldo out of the team then they will look like Stoke.

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