The definition of Gifted.

Never ending debate between me and my dear friend, Hilmi. If we meet or chat, this Gerrard/Lampard story sure will come from our mouth. Until this day we already have like 1000 times session of this debate. Like I always say, nobody is right and nobody is wrong. It is just a perception. Maybe sometimes one word has two meaning. At the end of every week,  Mr Stevie and Mr. Frank will go pick their £130 000 pay check up. It doesn’t matter. The important thing are we have a good discussion and respect each other.

Mat Apih, Mat Paih, Mat Ajik, Mat Afiq, Mat Ariff  and the readers, Maybe you can show us some light. Give your opinion and please elaborate.

unledbetter: the words are
unledbetter: lampard is more gifted than gerrard
hilmizulkifli: fabregas really good in his position for me
unledbetter: but gerrard is better than lampard
hilmizulkifli: lol
unledbetter: dont twist the word
hilmizulkifli: no way
unledbetter: i mean my word
hilmizulkifli: i resent that statement forever lol
hilmizulkifli: lampard is never more gifted than gerrard for me

unledbetter: only gerrard hardworking make him better than lampad
unledbetter: that is all
unledbetter: kapish
hilmizulkifli: still no
unledbetter: gerrad is even more better than roman
hilmizulkifli: lol
unledbetter: but now way he is more gofted than roman
unledbetter: gifted
hilmizulkifli: even lampard work that hard..he can never match gerrard gift
unledbetter: there is hardworking there is genius
unledbetter: hardworking people can be genius
hilmizulkifli: ok that statment i can live with
unledbetter: but sometimes
hilmizulkifli: arguable but i can undertsadn it
unledbetter: genius people do not need hard work
unledbetter: he is already gifted by that
unledbetter: like roman
unledbetter: lampard
unledbetter: hahahhaahhah
hilmizulkifli: how could u say..
hilmizulkifli: gerrard work harder than gerrard?
hilmizulkifli: base on what?

unledbetter: see
unledbetter: you are shaky now
unledbetter: hahahahahahhahah
hilmizulkifli: no
hilmizulkifli: i mean
hilmizulkifli: u make a statement..

unledbetter: hilmizulkifli: gerrard work harder than gerrard?
hilmizulkifli: gerrard is more gigih that lampard
unledbetter: hahahahahhahahhahah
unledbetter: of course
hilmizulkifli: i wanna know..
hilmizulkifli: base on what?

unledbetter: you see gerrad will running all the time like a pig
unledbetter: lampard he just have quiet game like roman
unledbetter: and then booommmmm
unledbetter: something will happen
hilmizulkifli: lol its amazing..u can turn one point to make it negative
unledbetter: no
hilmizulkifli: i mean
unledbetter: i just teasing
hilmizulkifli: for me..running like a pig as u said..
hilmizulkifli: is a plus

unledbetter: that is the point
unledbetter: hardwork and genius
hilmizulkifli: yes i think that is where our different is
unledbetter: lampard is far away from roman
unledbetter: dont get me wrong
hilmizulkifli: our different definition of gifted
unledbetter: but he is the kind of player
unledbetter: if i ask you
unledbetter: which is more gifted
hilmizulkifli: no
unledbetter: roman or gerrard??
hilmizulkifli: roman
unledbetter: see
hilmizulkifli: but..
hilmizulkifli: thes the diff u know
hilmizulkifli: thats

unledbetter: i never said lampard is better than gerrard
hilmizulkifli: i know
unledbetter: but he is more gifted than gerrard
hilmizulkifli: the diff is..
unledbetter: i even said gerrard is better than roman
hilmizulkifli: u think running around is a bad thing
unledbetter: but he is far away form roman in term of giftedness
unledbetter: nooooo
unledbetter: it is a good thing
unledbetter: you see
unledbetter: in your schooll
unledbetter: there is one student who always sleep
unledbetter: let us call him lampard
hilmizulkifli: i see where u going
unledbetter: and one student who will study all day
unledbetter: let us call him stivie
unledbetter: at the end of the day
hilmizulkifli: lol i see
unledbetter: stevie will get 100A
hilmizulkifli: i know
unledbetter: and lampard will get 90A
unledbetter: so stivie is better than lampard
hilmizulkifli: i still think stevie will get 100 if he sleep like lampard
unledbetter: but lampard is more gifted than gerrard
unledbetter: no2
hilmizulkifli: lol
unledbetter: not gonna happen
unledbetter: some people just gift
hilmizulkifli: lol
unledbetter: like will hunting
hilmizulkifli: n u know what i think more?
unledbetter: what??
hilmizulkifli: that what wwaste lamp is..
hilmizulkifli: cos he like to sleep

unledbetter: see
unledbetter: it is just a methafore
hilmizulkifli: same as roman
hilmizulkifli: it is sad really

unledbetter: that why gerrad is better than lampard
hilmizulkifli: n i think maradona feel the same as me
unledbetter: because he work hard
hilmizulkifli: no
hilmizulkifli: i still think he can score 100a if he sleep
unledbetter: but he is not as gifted as lampard
unledbetter: nope
unledbetter: if he do that
unledbetter: i will be just a ball picker
unledbetter: or play for leeds
hilmizulkifli: lol
hilmizulkifli: maybe we can never solve this difference

unledbetter: hahhahahaahhahaha
unledbetter: i know
hilmizulkifli: unless stevie sleep
unledbetter: if ask your permission to put this things in blog
hilmizulkifli: n still play good
hilmizulkifli: lol

unledbetter: i mean our professional discussion
unledbetter: will you allow me??
hilmizulkifli: lol at ibnu lazim u mean?
unledbetter: yeah
unledbetter: i mean
hilmizulkifli: lol by all means pls

Hafzan Lazim



  1. hilmi said,

    May 1, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    hahaha tgk gambar tu je..huuu.. gifted gile stevie tackle lampard heh

    • Hafzan Lazim said,

      May 1, 2009 at 5:56 pm

      macam Roman, Lampard tak buat kerja macam tu. hahahahahhaah

  2. paih said,

    May 1, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    1. Toughness
    Lampard is tougher than Gerrard. Gerrard is fragile player and get more injury, thus he cant play as many games as Lampard gets. Who work hardly? and who hardly work? hmm.. but are they running like pigs? hmmm.. Comparing them running to pigs is a bit harsh.. huhuhu

    2. Goal Scorer
    Gerrard scores more in the primier league 2008/09 (13goals 7assists) compared to Lampard (12goals 10 assists). Which one is better? hmm

    3. Personality
    I think gerrard is better as he is the Liverpool’s captain. And he is more aggressive as well (recently involve in a fight at one club). Lampard rarely become captain for his team.. He is a shy celebrity (When I went to stamford bridge, the tour guide told us that if Lampard were there, he would hide in the locker rather than meeting us as he is not relly good with public.. Unless he could not hide elsewhere than only he would talk to the fans/visitors). He also talks fastly with a strange accent, which make others hard to understand what he was saying. Therefore gerrard has better interpersonal skills compared to Lampard. But football players only need one functional brain and a pair of fit legs to play a great football. Aren’t they?

    3. Value
    Both players are really expensive.. However according to Fantasy primier league value, Lampard is slightly more expensive than Gerrard. Lampard points is far higher even higher that the gifted(?) Ronaldo. He is the first in the midfielder rank. huhhu

    4. The skills
    I’m not sure about that.. You qll are the better judger than I am.

    In conclusion, personally, I would prefer Lampard.. huhuhu..

    • hilmi said,

      May 1, 2009 at 9:51 pm


      • Hafzan Lazim said,

        May 1, 2009 at 9:54 pm

        Hilmi?? You got something to say?? How do you like them apple??

  3. hilmi said,

    May 1, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    hahaha that hurts..kita tunggu keputusan juri2 yg lain hahah

  4. Iqbal said,

    May 2, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Meje’s argument to me is valid. I don’t see gerrard scoring if he sleeps. Though he would probably still get high grades but it’s those tricky questions that’ll get him stuck. To make up for it, he would study it later for the real spm, not the percubaan. If the questions change, I’d see lampard getting that extra point OR full points for all the basic questions at least whereas gerrard would be subjected to making ‘mistakes’ or ‘tak datang ong’ making him inconsistent.

    Sorta like bobby segara our friend, he’s always #’*%&$€§ sleeping at the back of the class and always gets those tests until other ppl would say “how the §$%& do you know that??” or “cane ko buat sial?? bila ko study?” These people like bobby in my eyes are gifted. But then, in the end I got to fly to germany because I worked my ass off instead of playing cs as often. I’d still think he’d pass the exams back then. But lo and behold, he didn’t. If he would have worked a little harder he would have passed. This “would have” is what lampard did.

    I’m not siding anyone here, but lampard got up to his ranks pretty late. Unlike gerrard, he was always up there in his early years. Maybe Lampard took his time before he decided, “Let’s conquer the premier league.”

    • Hafzan Lazim said,

      May 2, 2009 at 8:12 pm

      Thanks a lot Bal. Great argument. Hilmi??

      • hilmi said,

        May 3, 2009 at 10:15 pm

        haha aku sorg je ckp gerrard gifted?damn

  5. hafiz lazim said,

    May 3, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    go for Lamp…

    • Hafzan Lazim said,

      May 4, 2009 at 12:02 am

      another Lampard’s army. Again, Hilmi??

  6. Arman said,

    June 7, 2009 at 9:34 am

    Lampard is miles better than gerrard. Lampard has scored 130 goals for chelsea in 417 games, gerrard has scored 119 in 478 for liverpool.
    Lampard has won 7 trophies with Chelsea in last 5 seasons, & gerrard has won 9 trophies in his 11 year liverpool career !!
    Lampard was 2nd in 2005 Fifa World Player of the year, & gerrard was never even in top 5 shortlist !! HA HA HA !! LAMPARDS THE BEST !!

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