He did it again.

BUENOS AIRES – Playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme quit the Argentine national side for the second time in three years on Tuesday and blamed coach Diego Maradona for his decision. “The national team is over for me,” the former Barcelona and Villarreal player, now with Boca Juniors, told the Canal 13 television station in an interview. “I’m going to watch the World Cup on the television.” “We don’t think the same way. We don’t share the same codes of ethics. While he is the coach of the national team, we can’t work together.” Continue reading.
More article.  Diego’s Roman ruin

Dont cry for me Argentina.

Dont cry for me Argentina.


He did it again. It fit well with his complex and moody character. What a waste. I hope he will consider decision.  Not only he is playing with Boca Juniors right now. It is difficult for me to watch him play regularly in Television. I am hoping to be able to watch him during International friendly or 2010 World Cup. After he left Villareal, European League has no more player who play like him. For me the only player that able to come close to his class is Xavi Hernandez.

In my  opinion he will be the greatest playmaker during my time at least. His ability to split open defences with slide-rule passes is what I like the most about him. Football will be always seem easy sport to play by watching him playing. His elegant style make you feel  Gerrard or Lampard has wooden legs. His unhurried style makes you think  how cool he is. Everything must start from him. He is the architect of the team.

After Maradona accepts the job, I immediately imagine how great it will be. Combination between Maradona brain and Riquelme foots, Argentina 2010 team again will play the way like football should be played. It is all not about winning. Beauty part is also important. If not, just go and watch American football.


Still remember this goal? This has got to be the best goal so far in World Cup 2006 or any world cup or at least the best team goal. Martin Tyler later commented that it was the best team goal he has ever commented on! Contains all 24 passes leading up to the goal. Simply outstanding teamwork by Argentina. Possession football is wonderful to watch but only some team able to do it. Riquelme can always able to lead the to team play like this.


But to watch him is to see the art of midfield play at its supreme and subtle best. Unlike Ronaldinho, there are no fireworks with Riquelme. In fact you don’t really notice him half the time. Defenders don’t either. He floats around the area between the holding player and the forwards, and represents an absolute nightmare to the opposing defence. Slow and ponderous looking at times, if you try to tackle him he just ghosts past. If you try to mark him he simply drops off so deep that the man-marker gets bored. And he never loses the ball. It seems to be uncannily stuck to his boot. Then when a forward makes a run into space he always finds them. His passing is deadly accurate, and often visionary. Everything goes through him. He almost always causes something to happen.

Roman, number 10 will always be yours

"Roman, number 10 will always be yours"

Hafzan Lazim


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