Selangor vs Kelantan

Before the game started, many guessed the winner would be Kelantan with at least 3-1 win. It was not just a wild assumption; the hypothesis was made based on careful observation in the previous games that both teams have gone through.

Kelantan’s village at one side of the Shah Alam Stadium. Everyone talked about the Red Warrior.

However, the Selangor team has punched Kelantan’s team really hard. Turning the table around, they had made all of the Kelantan’s fans fall into silent. Nobody could still jump around and cheering the ‘Gomo Klate Gomo’ slogan when they post was blasted three times. It was enough to make everyone in the team wakes up from the sweet dreams that they had before.  This is the Reds Warrior’s first league defeat in their 8 games, excluding the first game that the FAM has ruined.

Although I am not a football player, a critique, or a great fan of any local or international football team, I would still like to give one cent of my opinion from what I’ve observed last night:

Singing the anthem..

1) Some of the supporters don’t even know the Malaysian Anthem. They have started clapping hands when there were still a stanza that needed to be sung. I suggest that they must go to the BTN or PLKN courses if they want to be the citizen of the country.

2) A large number of supporters didn’t pray the Maghrib prayer, worst than not knowing the Malaysian Anthem’s lyric. haih.. Some were pushing each other to enter the prying room. According to a bro that I interviewed talked to, it is rare to see the scene where everyone were pushing each other to pray at the earliest time possible. It would be best if it happens all the times in any Masjid or Madrasah..

3) Kelantan team needs a supertonic that can make them perform in big games, same like they did in other games. If not, they will not go far, ever and their dark history might repeat again and again.

Kelantan team (in blue) with the offensive style.

4) Every great thing comes with risks. Kelantan’s offside trap happened to be working fine almost all the time, but a few escapees from the opponent had led to the destruction.

5) Basic skills are still needed. For an instance,  the passing skills. Easy to say/watch than done.

6) You can beat the ball, but not other players. The pitch is not a wrestling ring where you can slap and kick others whenever you like. Be professional players. And don’t blame the referee if you got the card.

7) Same as what had happened to the fans of both teams. Throwing bottles, fire crackers and even the fixed chairs to the field and one another are not the good way to support your team. We are still in the third class mind set. We really need to change and be matured. Show good example to the children who come to watch football and at the same time watch our bad mouth, cursing at others and showing the inappropriate sign language. Eventually, they will follow what we did, and don’t blame them for that.

Some of the supporters on my left.

All in all, I would like to congratulate both teams. They have indeed entertained the viewers. Ninety minutes run really fast. Congratulation to the supporters as well, I believe that all went home losing their voice because of cheering their beloved team. huhuhu

Posing for the picture.. from Azri’s

*Do I bring the bad result to the team that I support? The Malaysian team that I supported in the game with UAE ended up with the 0-5 result. The similar thing happened last night. I need to watch at least a few more games before I can conclude my observation.



  1. ashraflatif said,

    March 2, 2009 at 10:20 am

    I went there also. I sat near the fence where the fight took place. I lost my voice shouting “WEI TENGOK BOLA LA WEI!” “BUDAK KECIK LA WEI!!” etc.

    I guess many of the supporters are frigging emotional b-[better-watch-my-tongue]-ds

  2. mrwarid85 said,

    March 2, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Huhuhu, hope you are not one of the gibberish supporters…. =P

  3. paih said,

    March 2, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    The ‘gedebe’ part cannot be separated from these people, or maybe they just pretended to be ‘gedebe’ because there were many friends ready to back up them.

    The funniest part was the chasing part where the kelantanese chased the other team’s supporters up at the VIP sits. Why did we can throw bottles and drinking cups at the selangor player who got the red card while we became extremely emotional when they did the same to Halim Napi? Haih.. Grow up guys.. Especially in the head and heart..

  4. mrwarid85 said,

    March 2, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    the head and heart… hmmm i think the later part is rarely taken care.

  5. Cikgu Kimia said,

    March 3, 2009 at 3:54 am

    i was upstairs when Khairol Anuar Bahrom walk out from the pitch. the Kelantan fans only ‘boo’ that player when he was sent off. No bottle or cup thrown. but when Halim Napi red carded and walk out from the pitch, Selangor fans did throw the bottle to Halim Napi. It make Kelantan fans getting angry and start throwing bottle to Selangor fans. i can see Selangor fans running toward to Kelantan fans and Kelantan fans just waiting they come but they did not come. why?. i heard joke from some fans “Berani sungguh ore Slangor ni. kalu brani, mari koto bharu laa baru tahu sapo hero!”

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